Friday, September 26, 2008

David Simon doesn't like me.

Well, that may be a bit strong. But yesterday at David Simon's "Discussion" at Goucher he lamented about the decline in newspaper and the increase in the use of the internet to obtain news.
Yes, I agree that I normally go to sites that show me a more liberal viewpoint. I avoid Fox News because I don't want to be bald from pulling my hair out. That said- I don't go there expecting to get an unbiased viewpoint.
In addition, I don't think that many people go to blogs (and no one goes to this one so I'm not really worried about it) in order to get an unbiased view of the news. These so called 'citizen journalists' are just bloggers; for the most part, they do not claim to be a source of complete information. There must be some discretion used by the viewer to know that they are not going to get the entire picture.

Alright, back to the debate. It's getting testy.

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