Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A lil' bit of Anderson, Keith and Obama; plus a Bush faux pas.

So, I'm mad at George Bush. Watch this video. He sings, jokingly, about things that had serious negative consequences for the US. I just. No.
WHY ARE YOU RUNNING MY MOTHERLAND? Sometimes I feel bad that he gets so much flak, when I know he has people advising him to do what he does, but then he does things like this and I just cannot comprehend how his mind works. I know it's a secret dinner, but come ON!
I know you're leaving office, but right now you represent the nation. Act like it.

On a lighter, and happier note, random YouTube searches can yield much better results.

So yes, I missed AC tonight on television, but I got my fix online.
Oh! I'm watching Countdown right now (where I first got wind of this Bush video), and I just got Keith Olbermann's book "Worst Person in the World and 202 Strong Contenders". I'm expecting another of Olbermann's books in the mail (hopefully before I leave for break), but the book I do have is very funny. Some of the people are actually cringe-worthy in their stupidity. And I love his "Worst in Show".

On another note, Obama's had some wins! Wyoming and Mississippi have gone to Obama, Mississippi by quite a large margin, actually. I don't know the exact division of delegates, but I'm assuming that Obama's delegate lead has expanded.

I don't even want to talk about Spitzer, because I've heard so damn much about it in the last 48 hours that I'm over it. News stations found another story that wasn't the election to latch onto and they worked it for all it's worth. I live in Jersey, I still like our Gubernatorial scandal better. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holy crap, one more week.

Everything comes to a head now- the last week before break and I have soooo much work. Probably not as much as other people, but for me- argh! I'm pulling Bs in all of my classes, so I'm not really worried right now, but I'd like to pull them up for the end of the year. To do that- I have to pass all of my midterms. Oh god. I need to read 4ish books by Tuesday for History, memorize some vocab and do a take home midterm for Historic Preservation by Thursday, write two chapter summaries for Anthro for tomorrow... and I'm probably forgetting something but whatever.
I'm sure everything will work out. I really should stop distracting myself by writing in a blog that no one even reads.

Bobby Boucher loves his momma.
Peace out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama Grandmama!


I've decided that Ninja Warrior is an awesome show to watch when you just need mindless entertainment. Which is what I'm in need of write now, after 3 hours of watching CNN and trying to take in everything that's going on in the nation right now.
The thing that's most intrigued me today is the fact that Michigan and Florida are pushing to have their delegates count, despite the fact that the DNC revoked all of their delegate power earlier in the year when the states moved their primaries up. If FL and MI get their wish, this could have an incredible impact on the results- but I'm not sure in the direction I hope they'll go. The earlier results have Hillary winning both (though Obama wasn't even on the Michigan ballot) and I'm still pulling for Obama.
On a side note, I get to write an entire paper about AC 360, which makes me really happy. I love my english class; first I write a paper dedicated to The Daily Show and now I get to write about a show I watch religiously anyway. Yay!

Nap time.
So I've been up and about since 7:45AM, with literally NO breaks in between, so as a result this blog is probably going to be minorly cracked-out.
Dad came to town tonight, it was so nice to see him! We hit up the ESPN Zone for dinner to watch the Rangers play. Lundqvist severely disappointed me in net; I didn't think any of the goals scored against him were particularly stellar and two were just plain soft. He's falling into that age old trap of becoming a Ranger and proceeding to become BAD.
I'm doing my 'civic duty' right now by waiting up for the Texas primary results to come rolling in. I guess it's pretty safe to say that Hillary is NOT dropping out of this race, not by a long shot. Her Ohio victory is actually pretty worrisome for Obama fans... I think the Democratic nominee in the last god knows how many elections has been the one who won Ohio. Well, this election is historic in so many ways I'm kind of hoping we can add another to the list. C'mon Obama!...

OH!- Wolf Blitzer and his beard are predicting Hillary in the Texas Primary! As far as I know, Obama is still carrying the caucus, but that could change. Eek!

Monday, March 3, 2008

So I decided I needed a place where, when I got fed up with typing up papers and reading class work, I could just write about anything and everything I felt like. Mostly about life at Goucher.

Tonight's agenda is pretty simple- finish this freaking paper about museums, art, and 'liturgical apparatus', play flag football in an attempt to win the Class of 2011 some money, see a presenter for Psych class for extra credit, and then cap it off by watching Hillary on the Daily Show.

Dinner? Vauge possibility.
Sleep? Not likely.

Also: my Uncle went with the NY Philharmonic when they played in North Korea, and he blogged about it on his radio show's blog. Check it out!