Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holy crap, one more week.

Everything comes to a head now- the last week before break and I have soooo much work. Probably not as much as other people, but for me- argh! I'm pulling Bs in all of my classes, so I'm not really worried right now, but I'd like to pull them up for the end of the year. To do that- I have to pass all of my midterms. Oh god. I need to read 4ish books by Tuesday for History, memorize some vocab and do a take home midterm for Historic Preservation by Thursday, write two chapter summaries for Anthro for tomorrow... and I'm probably forgetting something but whatever.
I'm sure everything will work out. I really should stop distracting myself by writing in a blog that no one even reads.

Bobby Boucher loves his momma.
Peace out.

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