Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So I've been up and about since 7:45AM, with literally NO breaks in between, so as a result this blog is probably going to be minorly cracked-out.
Dad came to town tonight, it was so nice to see him! We hit up the ESPN Zone for dinner to watch the Rangers play. Lundqvist severely disappointed me in net; I didn't think any of the goals scored against him were particularly stellar and two were just plain soft. He's falling into that age old trap of becoming a Ranger and proceeding to become BAD.
I'm doing my 'civic duty' right now by waiting up for the Texas primary results to come rolling in. I guess it's pretty safe to say that Hillary is NOT dropping out of this race, not by a long shot. Her Ohio victory is actually pretty worrisome for Obama fans... I think the Democratic nominee in the last god knows how many elections has been the one who won Ohio. Well, this election is historic in so many ways I'm kind of hoping we can add another to the list. C'mon Obama!...

OH!- Wolf Blitzer and his beard are predicting Hillary in the Texas Primary! As far as I know, Obama is still carrying the caucus, but that could change. Eek!

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