Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate to the Death!

So, CNN is still using their focus group technique with those ever-moving lines on the bottom of the screen. The lines are divided between men and women, and all of the voters are uncommitted Ohio residents. The six pundits tallying off points on their debate scorecards is either not happening or we're not getting it on our non-HD channel.

We begin!

Palin won't answer the first question about the bailout plan: it was simply talked around. I think when she doesn't know the answer, she also just reverts to talking about how Obama isn't doing anything good. Biden, I must say, also occasionally talks around questions and just reverts back to talking about McCain's voting record and policies.

Quotable Palin Quotes:
"I've only been at this for what, 5 weeks?"
"I beg to disagree."
"Now, doggone it"
"Say it ain't so, Joe"
"Shout out to all the third-graders"
"We have got not to allow..."

just a few key phrases/words:
middle class
end corruption
tax breaks
create jobs
support Israel, don't force policies
McCain and Bush are the same
eliminate Al Qaeda
'regime change'
agree w/ major initiatives of Obama
together we stand for freedom and equal rights
most respected nation in the world
government is a problem
never again taken advantage of
together we are America
John McCain is not a Maverick in anything that counts.

Just as a person, I think Joe Biden is the man, and I really respect him for everything he's been through in his life. Also, I thought I was going to cry when he did.

I may be biased, but I really wanna give this one to Biden.

CNN poll results soon!

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