Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Time!

I am officially done with half of my college career. I will be spending 3 more semesters at Goucher, one semester in another country of my choosing, and then... done. Done, and I'll have to support myself and get a legitimate job. That task seems overly daunting, especially considering that finding a job or internship now has proven incredibly difficult. I'm still applying to internships with the hope that someone, somewhere, will contact me (and I still have faith!) but in the meantime I'm resume spreading to places in the area. I was sure I could go back and work at Dairy Queen this summer (oh, the joy) but it's come under new management so who knows. I'll stop by tomorrow under the pretense of getting ice cream and scope out the situation. It worked there the first time...

But it's weird to be home. Got in Friday night after a 5 hour drive in which my car was so full I could only see out of the driver's side window and only saw the passenger side mirror by virtue of a tunnel I created in the mountains of stuff that I had piled everywhere. Saw a few friends yesterday; we're all getting a slow start to summer and mostly just trying to catch up on the epic amounts of sleep we lost during finals. But my prediction for summer? If I find a source of income and get to spend at least SOME time in NC when my family goes it will be a good one.

Cross your fingers.

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