Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogs are clearly not my forte.

It says something about a blog when you go to update it, and the last entry was nearly 2 years old. I'm not sure what that something is exactly, but it's probably not good. I did update another blog for a while ( during my time abroad, but that began nearly a year ago and ended 8 months ago.

This blog is supposed to focus on my Goucher experience. It's nearly over. I find it funny that reading the post preceding this one that I commented on the fact that I would be spending only four more semesters at college... and I'm now on my last. A terrifying reality, to say the least. The daunting nature of the task of figuring out a future is so much more than I thought it was. There's simply less.... structure, if you will, to fall back on. I always knew I was going to college. I always knew I would spend a semester abroad (thank you, graduation requirement). The decisions I made within that frame of reference were difficult, but less overwhelming because of said frame.

Moving on from now, the frame is much less defined. Grad school? Law school? Nah, I'm over academia. One more semester of papers galore and I'll be more than ready to give school a rest. A job. Sounds so simple when you put it like that. But as most of the country knows, easier said than done. I'm not alone in my hunt, not by a long shot. My qualifications? A BA in Political Science and some internships along the way. Four summers of serving up ice cream. Work ethic and a love of research. Fact-checker galore. I really should have taken my Uncle's advice and become an accountant. Too bad my heart's stuck in words, not numbers.

There's really not a rhyme or reason to this post, if you've come this far into it hoping one will emerge. I needed a place to express my disbelief and uneasiness with the fact that my collegiate career is ending; somewhere that I could get it out and maybe have it weigh less heavily on me. Better out than in, right? One can only hope.

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